Arovec AV-P120RF/AV-P154RF Air Purifier Replacement Filter

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  • AROVEC AV-P120 & AV-P154 Air Purifier Filter: Highly recommended to use original AROVEC replacement filter (AV-P120RF or AV-P154RF) to keep your air purifier at its best working efficiency and capacity, breath clean & fresh air all the time
  • 3 Stage Filtrations System: Pre-Filter + True HEPA Filter + High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter, removes 99.97% of dust, pollen, odour, mould spore, smoke and pet dander.
  • Maintenance Tip: It is recommended to replace your filter every 4-6 months.
  • Easy Replacement filter: the filter is easy to be replaced and disposed without any tool required, you can replace the filter in few minutes.
  • Satisfaction: Filters are sealed to protect their lifetime quality. Please remove the packaging plastic of new filters before placing them into air purifier.